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Complete Skateboards

On Wake-style.com you can find a large selection of complete skateboards sets, with deck, trucks, wheels, bearings and griptape included. Click on the link to read why you should buy a complete skateboard set.

Why choose a Complete Skateboard set?

Usually complete skateboards are more convenient than building a skateboard yourself. A do it your self skateboard bought in loose parts will cost averagely 20% more. Many famous brands, that used to produce only skateboard decks, now offer also complete skate sets. 

On this page you can find complete skateboards from the best skate brands: Creature, Foundation, Globe, Impeddo, Santa Cruz, Toy Machine, Zoo York... and many more.


Wakestyle Skate Shop

Wanna buy a  complete skateboard set online? At WakeStyle we are passionate skaters: for tips and suggestions you just need to ask us and we'll be happy to help you!

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