Armstrong DW Performance Board

Armstrong DW Performance Board


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Engineered for Excellence: Armstrong Downwind Performance Boards

The Armstrong Downwind Performance (DWP) boards are precision-engineered for expert riders who aim for top-tier performance in freeride and competitive downwind foiling. These boards extend in length and reduce in width, featuring an ultra-light carbon innegra sandwich skin paired with Armstrong's trusted double stringer construction for unmatched stiffness and minimal weight.

Design for Peak Efficiency

Armstrong's DWP boards are optimized for high efficiency in paddling, effortless launching, and seamless recovery from touchdowns. Their increased length not only boosts paddling speed but also enhances tracking, simplifying the launch of smaller foils. The refined bow with a split foredeck design effectively cuts and dispels water, while the innovative diamond V tail and increased tail rocker ensure efficient water lift-off.

Customizable Control and Comfort

Inspired by the innovative deck grip design of our Wing FG foilboards, the Armstrong Downwind and Downwind Performance boards include a completely reengineered grip. Designed specifically for maximum control, comfort, and versatility during downwinding, this grip setup features a flatter deck with raised central bars above the foil tracks and elevated blocks at each pad corner, providing clear foot placement cues. Boards are delivered with deck grips uninstalled, allowing riders to personalize their setup to suit their performance needs.

Key Features

  • Speed and Stability: The elongated, narrow outline of the board maximizes paddling speed while its length offers stability, reduces bobbing, and ensures exceptional directional tracking.
  • Split Anhedral Foredeck: Following the successful design elements of our Wing FG boards, the split foredeck is adept at displacing water.
  • Refined Bow: Enhances paddling efficiency and facilitates smooth touchdown recovery, minimizing swing weight for effective pumping and carving.
  • Minimal Deck Recess: The flatter deck increases volume and accelerates water shedding.
  • Advanced Deck Grip: Incorporates raised grip arch bars and corner blocks for precise foot positioning.
  • Diamond V Tail: A redesigned tail with more rocker and an additional chine improves launch performance and minimizes tail touchdowns during maneuvers.
  • Forward Foil Track Placement: Provides increased lift and improved maneuverability.
  • Carbon Foil Tracks: Armstrong's proprietary carbon fiber foil tracks integrate seamlessly into the stringers for durable and cohesive construction.
  • Proven Construction: The dual i-beam stringers from deck to bottom maximize structural integrity and durability.

# sizes

  • 98L: 8’2" (249cm) long x 16 3/4" (42.6cm) wide x 5 7/8” (14.9cm) thick
  • 108L: 8’11 / 272cm x 17 1/4” / 43.8cm x 5 7/8” / 14.9cm
  • 118L: 9’6 / 289cm x 17 1/4" / 43.8cm x 5 7/8” / 14.9cm

Armstrong's Downwind Performance boards are designed for riders who refuse to compromise on performance, offering a platform that redefines the boundaries of downwind foiling and freeride capabilities.