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Manera Offshore Vest Downwind


The OFFSHORE vest is crafted for those who embrace the open water, offering convenient storage for essentials like water, tools, your phone, snacks, and safety gear through its strategically designed and accessible pockets.

Inspired by the functionality of trail running vests, the OFFSHORE ensures exceptional freedom of movement and upper body mobility, making it ideal for activities at sea. Despite its compact design, it offers ample storage capacity, including the ability to carry a wing. The vest features two external straps that enhance comfort during deflation. After reaching your starting point, you can sit on your board, fold the wing, open the straps, and easily compress the wing outside the bag. Additionally, the vibrant colors typically found on wings increase your visibility from a distance.

We recommend using our specially designed WING PADDLE ATTACHMENTS to securely fasten your paddle along the central strut of your wing for increased comfort. While the OFFSHORE bag includes paddle attachments, positioning the paddle in the wing proves to be more ergonomic.

About Deflating:

SUP foil downwinding is gaining popularity; however, managing the logistics of a downwinder can be complex. Using a wing to ride upwind, then deflating and paddling out offers a practical solution—eliminating the need for a car and allowing you to choose the duration and route of your journey.

MANERA has developed a lightweight and practical vest tailored to this sport: the OFFSHORE.

Important Note on SUP Foil Downwinding: For re-inflating wings quickly, consider using compact, mini hand pumps that can achieve pressures up to 6-7 PSI in just minutes. These pumps are a crucial safety tool if difficulties arise

*Disclaimer: Engaging in downwinding requires physical preparation, appropriate safety equipment, and support at sea. Please ensure you are not attempting downwinders alone or without adequate training.