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Sabfoil Kraken Modular Mast Plate

2022 Mast Plate by Sabfoil

Available from April 2022 - Preorder Now!

The Kraken mast plate allows you to connect the new 2022 Kraken mast to your foil board. The system's modularity is one of its strong points as it allows you to use both mast and tuttle attachment options.

The material for this plate is lightweight and durable. It has been designed with both strength as well as durability being factors that Sabfoil took into consideration when designing these parts. All parts are produced in Italy by Sabfoil itself. 

The 2022 Sabfoil Kraken Mast Plate is an excellent upgrade for any hydrofoil board. It can be installed quickly and takes less than five seconds to get ready, thanks to its quick release system (QRS). The mast position on the foil track will be memorised and ready for your next wing foil adventure.

The Sabfoil Kraken Mast plate fits all and only the Sabfoil Kraken Masts 



  • For kite foil
  • For wing foil
  • For surf foil
  • For windfoil
  • 1st modular foil system on the market

The Sabfoil Kraken Mast plate is available at wake-style.com Call or contact our shop in Bussum for more informations