Sabfoil M74K/TI - Red Devil 74 R8 | High Modulus Mast

Sabfoil M74K/TI - Red Devil 74 R8 | High Modulus Mast


The Sabfoil Red Devil 74 mast is a high-performance accessory engineered for racing, slalom, pump, SUP race, and any activity where peak speed is paramount.

Constructed entirely from full high-modulus carbon fiber, the Sabfoil Red Devil 74 mast delivers unmatched performance and durability. Its coreless design maximizes stiffness, ensuring the mast can withstand even the most challenging conditions. The mast's specialized speed profile is meticulously crafted for superior hydrodynamic performance.

Each Sabfoil Red Devil 74 mast is hand-sanded at the factory and comes ready to use, offering elite performance straight out of the box. It also includes titanium inserts that enhance its lightness, durability, and resistance to wear and corrosion.

Aiming to make the advantages of a racing product widely accessible, the Sabfoil Red Devil 74 mast is also available with the R8 connection. This addition allows it to be compatible with the standard Kraken Modular System series fuselages, extending its utility across various setups.


  • High Modulus Carbon (coreless)
  • Conn. System: R8
  • Height: 740 mm
Dimensions & Advanced Specs of the Mast
Specification Value
Mast - Height 740 mm
Mast - Thickness A 15.45 mm
Mast - Thickness B 14.1 mm
Mast - Thickness C 12.5 mm
Mast - Chord A 141.1 mm
Mast - Chord B 120.9 mm
Mast - Chord C 113 mm
Mast - Weight (ca.) [Weight]
Mast - Material High Modulus Carbon (coreless)
Mast - Fuselage Connection Type R8