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Duotone Sky Style 2024



Intermediate to advanced freestyle-wave foil board

Sizes: 4'.11" // 5'.1"

The Duotone Sky Style goes beyond mere cruising, satisfying the aspirations of ambitious wingers seeking more from their experience.

Renowned among dedicated wingers with a thirst for progression, the Duotone Sky Style has evolved under our meticulous R&D. Elevating its performance, we introduce the larger 4’11” and 5’1” shapes in our advanced Vacuum Sandwich technology.

Distinguished by an elevated rocker compared to the Duotone Sky Free, the Sky Style models exhibit heightened responsiveness and intuitive reactions, offering superior control through increased foil leverage. From serene lakes to the surging expanse of the open ocean, these boards are impeccably balanced and deliver exhilarating rides.







85 L   

24.7” / 62.7 cm

5'1" / 155 cm


75 L   

24" / 61 cm

 4’11" 149 cm



  • - **SHAPES: Medium size shapes designed for advanced Wingers. Suitable for those ready to begin with volumes around or below their body weight.
  • - **RECESSED DECK: Innovative recessed deck shape enhances stability and control. Creates a direct connection with the foil for precise handling.
  • - **NOSE:  High volume nose section ensures exceptional stability during starts and landings. Balanced sinking contributes to controlled performance.
  • - **ROCKER LINE: Elevated rocker line provides enhanced leverage over the foil. Delivers maximum pop for take-offs and facilitates smooth landings with quick recovery.
  • - **BEVELLED RAILS**Bevelled rails offer the highest clearance during tight turns. Easier release when pumping up the board.
  • - **OUTLINE:  Sharp release edges in the tail. Parallel bottom outline contours through the mid-section enable early take-offs Ensures uninterrupted glide during landings and touch-downs.
  • - **FOOT STRAPS: Foot strap inserts offer versatile options. Choose from double front strap, single diagonal front strap, or straight single front strap.
  • - **COMFORT AND SUPPORT: Full deck pad with tail kick provides excellent grip, comfort, and support. Tailored for optimal performance behind your back foot during starts'  Slightly thicker and softer compared to the 2023 Sky Style pad.
  • - **EASY ACCESS:  Equipped with a bottom handle for convenient and easy access to the board.

With an increased nose height, the Sky Style provides additional space for loading up energy for jumps, while its augmented volume facilitates swift recovery—even when landing nose-first. The board's recessed deck ensures stability during starts and controlled sinking, even for riders with body weight below the board's volume.

Innovative rail bevels on the Duotone Sky Style shapes provide enhanced clearance for tight turns on wave faces, and amplify the ease of pumping the boards out of the water with seamless release. The incorporation of more parallel bottom contours throughout the mid-section enhances glide, accelerating speed for take-offs and minimizing drag during landings for instant rebounds.

Set your potential free with the Duotone Sky Style and unleash your talents on the waves!




Our Vacuum Sandwich technology combines a solid construction with great performance. Made in a complex multi-step vacuum process with multiple reinforcements in stress areas such as boxes, centre spine and a full bamboo patch in the entire stance area with additional carbon patches under the heels and extra rail bands around the rails. The rising level in wing foiling led us inevitably to multiple refinements of this layup over the years to make it strong without being excessive on the weight.

01 90° fibre layer with light finish
02 45° carbon full rail protection
03 Bamboo wrap deck & rails
04 90° fibre layer
05 90° fibre patch stance area
06 Bamboo patch stace area
07 45° carbon patch stance area
08 High density pvc patch stance area
09 Glass patch stance area

10 Light EPS core
11 90° fibre layer
12 Bamboo wrap bottom
13 12K carbon patch tracks to stance area
14 90° fibre patch tracks to stance area
15 90° fibre patch tracks to stance area

16 90° fibre layer with light finish

4'11" 75 L 24" / 61 CM 4'11" / 149 CM TBA 2X US FOIL TRACKS > 75 KG 2X DUOTONE FOOTSTRAPS 389C / 7540C
5'1" 85 L 24.7" / 62.7 CM 5'1" / 155 CM TBA 2X US FOIL TRACKS > 85 KG 2X DUOTONE FOOTSTRAPS 389C / 7540C