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Armstrong MA1225 Front Wing

Allround foil with endless glide and flow


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Projected Area: 1225cm
Span: 935mm
Aspect Ratio: 7.14
Angle relative to fuselage: 1.5 deg.

The Armstrong MA1225 is the biggest front wing of the MA range. Thanks to the wider wing span and surface offers superior glide and really early take off. The Armstrong MA 1225 can be used for different foil disciplines as wingfoil-ing, supfoil, prone surf and behind the boat.


The Armstrong MA foils are designed with a unique leading edge shape that enhances glide and acceleration. These foils are great for connecting wave sets, downwinding in open ocean swell, or riding a boat wake. Whether you're an experienced wingsurfer or a beginner, these foils will provide a smooth and enjoyable ride.


The Armstrong MA foils have a high camber foil section that helps maintain balance at low and high speeds. This design makes it easier to get on the foil and pump, and minimizes the risk of "over foiling" in difficult conditions


For a smooth and enjoyable ride, it's important to feel connected to the foil during turns. The Armstrong MA foils are designed to provide seamless and intuitive control at all bank angles. These foils offer a responsive and connected feel whether you're making slight adjustments or sweeping through a full turn


The Armstrong MA 1225 foils is designed to handle ventilation with ease, whether you're breaching a wingtip in the surf or landing an air. The fine leading edge section and tuned wingtip inflection allow for quick flow reattachment after a breach, making them a great choice for practicing aerials or tackling challenging turns


  • Great lift
  • Lightning acceleration 
  • Superior glide
  • Ventilation recovery
  • Ideal for heavier wing-foil riders

The Wake-style.com opinion

If you're searching for a versatile front wing, the Armstrong MA1225 will surpass your expectations. Its low speed lift makes it easy to get up and flying, and the rounded shape reduces turbulence compared to a HA wing. This wing performs well in turbulent waters and provides instant recovery when ventilating. You can focus on your turns without worrying about breaching. The Armstrong MA1225 front wing is reliable in all conditions, from flat water to ocean swell and ideal for heavier riders