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Axis Art Pro 1401 Carbon Foil Wing

Downwind and Pump-foil


The ART PRO 1401, adept at handling low-energy swells and light wind conditions, is a top choice for small-bump, down-wind foiling. It rivals the speed of the ART PRO 1201 and excels in maneuverability, despite its size. Ideal for dock-starting, the ART PRO 1401 is notable for its fun and efficient pumping capabilities, facilitating effortless tricks like tip-out turns or 360s.

This wing is especially beneficial for riders aiming to extend their foiling time, with users reporting a significant increase in their performance duration. It's particularly transformative for heavier riders across various disciplines, offering an enhanced ride experience. The wing's responsiveness to increased pumping efforts marks a departure from traditional, one-speed wings.

Compatible with the Black & Black Advance+ fuselage platform, the ART PRO 1401 seamlessly integrates with existing gear. It works optimally with Progressive, Skinny, or Pump rear wings, making it a versatile addition to any foil setup. The success of the ART PRO 1201 suggests a promising future for the ART PRO 1401 in the foiling community.