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Axis Spitfire 1180 Foil

Downwind & Light Wind Foil


The Axis Spitfire 1180 represents a significant advancement in our lineup, specifically designed to cater to larger riders and those in areas with less optimal conditions. This model stands out within the Spitfire family by featuring a unique 2.75% camber (a curvature that enhances lift, compared to the 2.5% in other Spitfires and ART PRO models), leading to:



  • - Exceptional balance in the foil's design,
  • - Ease of lifting off and immediate comfort upon use,
  • - Even lift distribution both at cruising speeds and when accelerating,
  • - Swift and reliable recovery from partial submersions and tip-overs,
  • - Smooth and agile turning capabilities,
  • - Outstanding performance at lower speeds with extended glide times.

The Axis Spitfire 1180 is an ideal choice for those venturing into downwind foiling. Its performance doesn't require the higher speeds needed by the ART PRO 1201 or 1401, facilitating sustained rides on waves. Its superior turning and control make downwind adventures accessible to a broader range of enthusiasts. This foil arrives at a perfect time, offering a gentler introduction to downwind foiling.

As a tool for dock and pump foiling, the Spitfire Axis 1180 is both easy to initiate and exhilarating to maneuver, quickly becoming a preferred option among enthusiasts for its agility and forgiving nature.

Marking its place as a go-to for light wind wing foiling and surfing on smaller or weaker waves, the Spitfire Axis 1180 boasts effortless lift-off and user-friendly features. It maintains the predictably pleasant handling that has popularized the entire Spitfire range, now extended to accommodate larger riders.

Wake enthusiasts will find the Axis Spitfire 1180 versatile enough to navigate any wake, from the gentlest to the most challenging, making it the top pick for heavier riders.

Throughout its development, the Axis Spitfire 1180 was rigorously tested, proving the smaller models' speed and agility and the larger models' suitability for modest waves and bigger riders. The Spitfire foils excel across a variety of disciplines, including wave riding, flat water cruising, wing foiling, wakeboarding, downwind foiling, lake pumping, and kite foiling, truly embodying a versatile front wing option. When paired with our Black Advance fuselage and either Progressive or Skinny rear wing options, Spitfire foils achieve optimal performance.