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Duotone Slick SLS Wing

Mint-dark grey

Foil wing with boom by Duotone

The Duotone Slick SLS is the evolution of one of the most versatile wing available right now. Thanks to the boom, the Duotone Slick SLS excels from freestyle  to freeride and it is also an excellent option for beginners. The boom is widely loved by windsurfers that feel them self immediately at home with this amazing wing. For 2022-2023 the shape has been slightly changed but the Slick, keeps it's compact shape  that makes it ideal for freestyle tricks and in the big sizes makes sure the tips won't easily touch the water.

What does SLS mean? SLS stands for strong, light, superior !  The Slick uses Penta TX material that makes the wing 15% lighter compared to a normal construction. The penta TX material is not only lighter but also stronger and this means you can expect an improved performance of the wing. More efficiency and a lighter feeling are waiting for you!!! 


The new Duotone Slick SLS features the miniboom, this allows for easier freestyle moves, rotations, jumps, tacks and overal riding performance. 

New windows

the new windows are minimalistic but strategically placed on the wing and guarantee a good view and weight reduction


  • Mini boom construction
  • Penta TX material,  lighter&stiffer
  • Compact shape, ideal for freestyle and/or small riders 
  • Efficient


Available at Wake-style.com  

The 2022 - 2023 Duotone Slick SLS Wing is available at Wakestyle wingsurf shop in Bussum. It is possible to test at Almere Duin, Almere Muiderzand and Loosdrecht