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Duotone Unit D-Lab 2024


Ultra light & Ultra responsive performance foil wing

Sizes: 3.5 // 4.0 // 4.5 // 5.0 // 5.5 // 6.0 // 6.5 

Introducing the innovative Duotone Unit D-Lab 2024 – a remarkable product designed to redefine your water sports experience. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge technology and exceptional design, as the Duotone Unit D-Lab 2024 brings you a fusion of advanced features that elevate your performance on the water.

With its forward-thinking engineering, the Duotone Unit D-Lab 2024 is meticulously crafted to set new standards in water sports equipment. This exceptional product is meticulously engineered with a focus on precision and functionality, ensuring that every aspect of your adventure is optimized for success.

Experience the thrill of riding the waves like never before. The Duotone Unit D-Lab 2024 offers an unprecedented wind range of capabilities, enabling you to harness the power of the wind across various conditions. From exhilarating speeds to controlled maneuvers, this product empowers you to explore the full spectrum of water conditions with confidence.


  •  **PERFORMANCE:**Lightest weight, fastest response, and highest performance for an unparalleled experience.
  •  **IMPROVED HANDLES:** Enhanced riding comfort through improved handle angles and positions, allowing for more comfortable and controlled maneuvers.
  • **RIDING OPTIONS:**One-handed riding option available, offering versatility and ease of use.
  •  **POWER DISTRIBUTION:** Consistent power distribution even in gusty or lull conditions, ensuring a smooth ride.
  •  **DRIFT STABILITY:**Improved drift stability, making it effortless to surf the waves without compromising control.
  • **MOD3 CANOPY ENHANCEMENTS:**Solid feel and power when pumping for increased performance.Better draft stability, reducing the need to adjust hand positions during gusts. Improved top-end control and depower capabilities. Higher durability, ensuring a longer product lifespan.
  •  **MATERIAL:** Constructed with an Aluula frame and strut, combining strength and lightweight design.
  •  **REDUCED DRAG:** Smaller leading edge diameter for reduced drag, enhancing overall efficiency.
  •  **FRONT HANDLE:** Extended carbon front handle for improved grip and control during maneuvers.
  • **REDUCED WINGSPAN:**Smaller wingspan in smaller sizes for enhanced agility and maneuverability.
  •  **STRUT SHAPE:* Ergonomically designed strut shape for optimized aerodynamics and stability.
  •  **CANOPY:** Refined canopy tension over the entire surface, ensuring even performance.
  • **MOD3:** Incorporates MOD3 canopy technology for enhanced performance and durability.

These bullet points highlight the key features and improvements of the product, showcasing its advanced technology, comfort, versatility, and overall exceptional performance.

The Duotone Unit D-Lab 2024 also excels in its attention to detail. Its thoughtfully designed lightweight construction provides a responsive and agile performance, giving you the freedom to execute dynamic moves and maneuvers effortlessly. The meticulously calculated wing span of the Duotone Unit D-Lab 2024 ensures optimal stability and control, allowing you to dominate the elements.

Embark on a journey where innovation meets reliability. The Duotone Unit D-Lab 2024 boasts a state-of-the-art inflation system that ensures optimal pressure for peak performance. This meticulously engineered inflation system guarantees a consistent and controlled experience, enabling you to focus on mastering the waves without any distractions.

Equip yourself with the Duotone Unit D-Lab 2024 and step into a realm of superior control. The dual-handle control unit offers an intuitive and responsive interface, enabling you to seamlessly adapt to changing conditions and demands. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a passionate beginner, the Duotone Unit D-Lab 2024 provides an interface that empowers you to maximize your potential on the water.

Elevate your water sports adventure with the Duotone Unit D-Lab 2024 – a product that embodies the essence of innovation, performance, and exhilaration. Experience the future of water sports gear and unlock a world of endless possibilities with the Duotone Unit D-Lab 2024.