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Ensis Score V2 Wing


Rigid handles & performance

Sizes: 2.8, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.2, 6.2, 6.9

The ENSIS SCORE wing, featuring rigid handles, is designed for effortless handling and direct power. It offers an ideal combination of stability, power, and forward drive, making it easy to take off and fly. The wing is well-balanced and feels lightweight in your hands, thanks to its stiff frame and high canopy tension. These features also provide ample power, even in light winds, and exceptional stability during turbulent weather conditions. The ENSIS Click Fix mounting system ensures the handles are perfectly positioned on the strut, offering a comfortable and ergonomic grip for precise steering. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, you'll be amazed at how effortless the Ensis SCORE with rigid handles is when performing aerial maneuvers. Get ready for extended flying sessions with this versatile foil wing.


  • For beginners and pros: The effortless handling and impressive power of this high-performance wing make it a standout choice. It's perfectly balanced and offers high power only when needed, ensuring a smooth and easy flying experience. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, this wing is suitable for everyone. 
  • Easy take off With the ideal balance of control, power, and forward traction, taking off becomes a breeze, and you'll find yourself in flight mode before you know it.
  • Intuitive handling This wing is highly responsive and generates power only when necessary, allowing for precision control during flight and maneuver practice. Its exceptional stability ensures that you have the desired level of control while flying. You'll be amazed at the SCORE's ease and effortlessness during use.
  • Stable in all wind conditionsWith its stiff frame and high canopy tension, this wing offers exceptional power even in low wind conditions. It's perfectly balanced, feeling light in your hands, allowing for longer flying sessions. During turbulent weather, the wing's excellent stability provides the necessary control you need to fly with confidence.
  • Perfectly placed handles: Featuring a firm and ergonomic grip for direct steering and extended flying sessions, the rigid handles on this wing are perfectly positioned on the strut. Additionally, the handles' rounded corners spare your equipment from potential damage. The innovative ENSIS Click Fix mounting system also provides an excellent option for flying with a harness.
  • Clear vision :  When in a crowded area, safety is paramount, and having a clear view is essential. The windows on this wing are strategically positioned and made of an exclusive tempered film, offering optimal elasticity and durability. The high-performance capabilities of the ENSIS wing remain unchanged, providing you with reliable performance and safety during your flights.

The Wake-style.com review

The Ensis SCORE wing boasts an impressive wind-range and excels in even the strongest of conditions, making it an ideal choice for flying in gusty ocean conditions. It offers ample power and is well-balanced while flagging out and riding swells. With the addition of the rigid handles, I believe the Ensis SCORE is the perfect all-around wing for any situation. With its exceptional forward lift and the ability to perform well in both light and strong winds, the SCORE wing keeps you going no matter the conditions. The wing's new stiff frame and rigid handles provide a seamless connection, allowing for maximum performance and control.

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