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Groove G- Style Wing Foil Board



Freestyle / Freeride Wing Foil Board

Sizes: 45L - 55L - 65L - 75L


In partnership with Ludovico Parmeggiani, we've unveiled the ultimate freestyle board under the brand G-Style! This board is designed to be compact, lightweight, and absolutely essential for nailing those impressive tricks. The most groundbreaking addition to our Groove house lineup is the innovative hull concave. This design element introduces an air channel that interacts with the water within the concave, resulting in a remarkable "cushioning" effect. Not only does this minimize friction, but it also makes takeoffs and landings smoother and quicker than ever before. You have to experience it to truly grasp its benefits!


  • Light weight
  • Freestyle shape
  • Early planing
  • Made in italy



Size Chart

45L 132x53cm
55L 140x55cm
65L 144x57cm
75L 150x62cm




Groove  boards produces on order and by hand, the waiting/production  time is avg.  3-4 weeks from when the order is placed. It is also possible to change the sizes of the boards on demand. Please contact us for more infos