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Groove G- Style Wing Foil Board

White Blu


Freestyle / Freeride Wing Foil Board

Sizes: 45L - 55L - 65L - 75L


With the G-STYLE, developed in collaboration with Ludovico Parmeggiani, we've introduced the ultimate freestyle board! Small, compact, and above all, incredibly lightweight! A crucial mix for pulling off big tricks! And the most significant innovation from Groove is the concave hull! The air channeled between the concave of the hull and the water creates a genuine "cushion" effect, minimizing friction, takeoff, and recovery from a landing. It's never been this easy and fast. Try it to believe it!


  • Light weight
  • Freestyle shape
  • Early planing
  • Made in italy



Size Chart
45 Lt. (135 x 51 x 9.5)
55 Lt. (140 x 55 x 9.5)
65 Lt. (148 x 60 x 11)
75 Lt. (150 x 65 x 11)
85 Lt. (154 x 67 x 12)
95 Lt. (164 x 68 x 12.5)




Groove  boards produces on order and by hand, the waiting/production  time is avg.  3-4 weeks from when the order is placed. It is also possible to change the sizes of the boards on demand. Please contact us for more infos