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Slingshot Hope Craft V2

Board Size

High performance foil board


Introducing the third-generation Dwarf Craft, meticulously redesigned to enhance your foiling progression.

Enhancements include a concave deck and beveled rails, which deliver exceptional heel-to-toe performance, responsive turns, and smooth touchdown rebounds.

Crafted through compression molded construction and featuring a PMU top sheet, this board boasts increased durability and reduced weight for optimal performance.

Its generous surface area and low volume offer effortless water starts while maintaining the ability to touch down on the water without any pearling.

**Key Features:**


  • Concave Deck:** The concave design elevates turning sensitivity and response while aiding in proper foot placement, helping you find the sweet spot on the deck.
  • Adjustable Foil Track Mount:** Customize your foil's position with the adjustable mount, allowing you to fine-tune performance based on your size, skill level, and personal preferences.
  • Beveled Rails:** These rails prevent water grab upon touchdown, ensuring you can continue gliding smoothly instead of coming to an abrupt halt.
  • Multiple Footstrap Insert Positions:** Tailor your riding experience with various insert options, accommodating three straps, two straps, one strap, no straps, two hooks, one hook, or no hooks—choose what suits you best.
  • Corduroy EVA Deck Pad:** This full-coverage EVA deck pad provides a comfortable yet grippy surface, ensuring a secure foothold and preventing slips and slides.

**Who Is It For?**

Advanced kiters looking to transition into advanced foilers will appreciate the stable yet compact platform offered by the Dwarf Craft V3. It's perfect for early take-offs, effortless foot switches, spinning, dancing, and carving.

**Package Includes:** Dwarf Craft V3 Board (Foil Track Hardware not included)

**Available Sizes:** 110 cm | 120 cm | 130 cm | 140 cm

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Board Specifications

Specification 16 lt 18 lt 22 lt 24 lt
Volume (lt) 16 18 22 24
Length (cm) 110 120 130 140
Width (cm) 48 50 54 56
Thickness (cm) 3.8 4 4 4
Weight (kg) 3.2 3.4 3.75 4.1