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RS-Pro Rail Saver

RSPRO : The Ultimate Rail Saver for Short SUP Boards**

Guard your SUP board's rail and paddle on without a worry of any impacts. Simply dive into the joy of the ride!
- Preserves your board's pristine condition, enhancing its resale value.
- Almost invisible thanks to its transparent material – ideal for brand-new boards.
- Exceptionally resistant to impact and wear, all while being feather-light.
- Tailored specifically for short SUP surf boards.
- Installation is a breeze.
- Resists yellowing over time and is guaranteed to outlast your board.
- Absolutely no drag.
- Proudly designed and manufactured in Barcelona.

- Crafted for SUP surf boards up to 8'0" in length.
- Clear and translucent, adorned with a subtle RSPro silver logo on the side – seamlessly complements any board color.
- Dimensions: 2 strips each measuring 150cm (5') x 5cm (2"), made of semi-rigid 380 micron PVC with a lenticular pattern surface. This ensures maximum durability against impacts and abrasions while keeping the weight minimal. The lenticular pattern also aids in conforming to tricky areas, making installation smooth.
- UV-protected with a crystalline adhesive finish.