Sabfoil Onda 835 Front Wing

Sabfoil Onda 835 Front Wing

The Sabfoil Onda 835 front wing is tailored for surfers who crave both speed and maneuverability, boasting a medium aspect ratio and compact dimensions. It caters to those who relish tackling challenging conditions and riding powerful waves, delivering the agility and velocity needed for surfing and waveriding sessions. The Onda 835's design enables surfers to effortlessly carve and accelerate, rendering it a versatile and dynamic choice. A smart strategy is to pair it with a wing for reaching the lineup, then transitioning it to a neutral position to fully savor the wave's energy.

For seasoned surfers eager to push their boundaries, the Sabfoil Onda 835 front wing guarantees an exhilarating surfing adventure that will undoubtedly leave you yearning for more.




  • Front Wing - Span 835 mm
  • Front Wing - Surface 926 cm2
  • Front Wing - Root Chord 150,6 mm
  • Front Wing - Aspect Ratio 7,53
  • Front Wing - Maximum Thickness 14,8 mm
  • Front Wing - Volume 848 cm3
  • Front Wing - Weight (ca.) 740 g
  • Front Wing - Material
  • Full Carbon (with core)
  • Front Wing - Connection T8