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Sabfoil Torpedo Downwind Wing-Foil Board


Downwind and Wing-Foil Board


The Sabfoil Torpedo wing board, a cutting-edge development from the well-regarded Italian hydrofoil manufacturer, Sabfoil, historically known as Moses. This brand stands out for its high-performance foils and extensive lineup, and for 2024, they've elevated their offerings to a whole new level by collaborating with renowned shaper Max Galtarossa from Kiteloose, a leader in the high-end custom board sector.

Introducing the Torpedo, a masterpiece designed specifically for wingfoiling, targeting the intermediate to advanced riders seeking to excel in conditions ranging from light to moderately strong winds. The board is available in three sizes to cater to different preferences:


  • - 6.0 x 90 liters
  • - 6.1 x 100 liters
  • - 6.3 x 110 liters

Constructed entirely of carbon with footstrap inserts and a double foil box, the Torpedo promises maximum compatibility with foils from all brands, not to mention its astonishing lightweight design — the 100-liter version weighs just 5.9 kg, rivaling custom boards.

Its design takes inspiration from downwind foil boards, boasting a narrow and long shape for unparalleled hydrodynamic efficiency, making it a dream to accelerate through the water. This shape allows for winging in the slightest breeze with smaller wings and foils than typically required. Despite its size, the forward placement of the foil box gives the illusion of riding a much smaller board, with a balanced feel and reduced swing weight for responsive transitions and wave-ripping potential.

The Sabfoil Torpedo is not just another board; it's a game-changer for those looking to streamline their gear. It enables downsizing on wings and foils, reducing the need for light wind-specific equipment. With footstrap inserts for your preferred straps and reinforced areas for jumps, it's versatile enough for freestyle play and racers seeking quick take-offs in light to moderate winds.

For 2024, the Torpedo redefines the traditional shape for intermediate to advanced riders, making older, larger boards nearly obsolete. It's set to become the go-to board for many, eliminating the need for heavy wings or large foils in moderate conditions.

Volume (L) Length Width Thickness
110 L 6'4'' 20.51'' 6.36''
100 L 6'3'' 19.90'' 6.06''
90 L 6'1'' 19.51'' 5.57''




  • - **Innovative Collaboration**: The Sabfoil Torpedo wing board is a result of a collaboration between Sabfoil and Max Galtarossa from Kiteloose, known for high-end custom boards, promising a blend of performance and craftsmanship.
  • - **Designed for Wingfoiling**: Tailored specifically for wingfoiling, the Torpedo targets intermediate to advanced riders, optimizing performance in light to moderately strong winds.
  • - **Variety of Sizes**: Available in three sizes (6.0 x 90 liters, 6.3 x 100 liters, 6.0 x 110 liters) to accommodate different rider preferences and conditions.
  • - **Lightweight Carbon Construction**: Made entirely of carbon, featuring footstrap inserts and a double foil box for universal foil compatibility. The 100-liter model impressively weighs just 5.9 kg.
  • - **Hydrodynamic Efficiency**: Its narrow and long shape, inspired by downwind foil boards, offers unparalleled efficiency in the water, enabling acceleration and ease of use in minimal wind conditions.
  • - **Enhanced Riding Experience**: The forward placement of the foil box simulates the feel of a smaller board, offering balanced handling and reduced swing weight for agile transitions and wave engagement.
  • - **Versatility and Durability**: Equipped with footstrap inserts for customization and reinforced areas designed to withstand jumps, making it suitable for both freestyle and racing in light to moderate wind conditions.
  • - **Game-Changing Design**: The Torpedo aims to obsolete older, larger boards by allowing riders to downsize their wings and foils, reducing the reliance on light wind-specific equipment and setting a new standard for efficiency and versatility in wingfoiling.