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Slingshot The Sentry V1.1 Kite Bar

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Slingshot The Sentry V1.1 Kite Bar


The Slingshot Sentry Bar V1.1 has received several upgrades. The V1.1 now features a new PU coating and bar split.

This Sentry bar comes with a convenient Quick Release mechanism that easily snaps together. Additionally, the bar includes an auto-swivel function, allowing your lines to effortlessly unwind after a rotation or loop.

The barstick has also been redesigned with softer floaters and grip, enhancing safety and comfort while delivering an aesthetically pleasing product. It comes with ISO certification for added assurance.

What's included:

- Sentry V1 Bar
- Sentry Bar Bag
- Short Freeride Leash
- Sentry Bar Quick Start Guide

The bar is available in the following sizes:

- 17" Bar with 20-meter lines
- 20" Bar with 20-meter lines (+3 meter extensions)
- 23" Bar with 27-meter lines