Aztron Street Surf Skate 31"

Aztron Street Surf Skate 31"

Introducing the Aztron Street Surfskate:

**PRODUCT:** STREET Surfskate

- Length: 31"
- Width: 10"
- Height: 6.36"

- SX 4.0 TRUCK
- 65*51MM WHEELS

**ITEM NO.:** AK-302

The STREET 31 is the perfect choice for carving the urban wave in any cityscape. Drawing inspiration from surfing but tailored for the streets, STREET features a compact board design that brings the pure joy of riding a surfboard to the urban landscape. It boasts the essence of an original surfboard shape, functional rocker, and a tail kick pad for an exhilarating ride.


- **Surfboard Inspired Short Board:** Taking inspiration from the swallow fish tail surfboard, the STREET 31 offers a short and relatively wide deck, perfect for smaller to medium-sized riders. It features a mellow concave deck and a medium tail, making it an ideal cruising board for both beginners and experienced riders looking to perfect their cutbacks and turns.

- **Mellow Concave Deck:** The STREET's Mellow Concave deck is relatively flat, making it user-friendly and comfortable to ride, especially during leisurely cruises.

- **Customized Graphic Print:** Designed with the "free spirit" skater in mind, the unique and custom print graphics deliver a striking visual impact.

- **Black Griptape All-Wrapped Deck:** The premium sandpaper provides optimal adhesion and grip, enhancing the rider's control and safety for better tricks.

- **Tail Kick Pad:** Similar to a surfboard, the STREET features a diamond-grooved tail pad that locks your toes and heels when turning or stopping, resulting in improved control and drive.

- **High Tail:** The shortboard collection boasts a surf-style high tail, enabling surf-like maneuvers such as sharp turns and cutbacks.

- **SX 4.0 PU Truck System:** The SX 4.0 surfing PU trucks facilitate easy pumping and generate speed with a tighter, more responsive feel.

- **65mm/78A Wheels with ABEC 9 Bearing:** The 65mm wheels provide excellent grip and maximum comfort while riding. The 78A mid-to-soft wheels encourage riders to pump and generate speed like a surfer on a surfboard – these wheels offer exceptional grip and responsiveness.


For a more detailed product image and additional accessories, please refer to the product listing.

Elevate your urban riding experience with the Aztron Street Surfskate.