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Some helpful info about stunt scooters

Stuntep scooters are small but more resistant scooters specifically designed for freestyle moves or “stunts”.

Scootering started out like a minor niche in the freestyle sports pretty recently, with the first freestyle tricks ever seen on a scooter in a skatepark dating back in 1999. That was in a Razor Scooters commercial.

Initially looked down upon by skaters and BMXers alike, the sport gradually gained respect along the other extreme sports. Nowadays scoot riders are seen more and more on the skate ramps and on the streets.

Pro Stuntsteps

A stuntstep is something completely different from the plastic scooter you used to roll around on when you were a baby.

Professional stunt scooters feature advanced elements like foot brakes, adjustable handlebars, lighter constructions and a variety of solid or pneumatic tires with metal core. The most important caracteristic for a struntstep is not being collapsible, to resist even to heavy landings, thus being safer to use. Most models can now easily handle up to 100kg or more, and often mount IHC, SCS or HIC compression systems, which also limit the need for maintenance, compared to cheaper handlebars.

We strongly recommend to always wear a helmet and protections when using a stunt scooter.

Complete Stunt Scooters

Wakestyle shop offers a wide range of complete stuntsteps from the best brand sas well as scooter wheels:

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