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Skateboarding exists since 1950 and is right now one of the most popular board sports around the globe and will be also competing at the next Olympic Games.

A skateboard is made by different components : 
Skateboard Deck: decks vary in size going from 7 to 10.5 inches. Wider boards are usually more stable than smaller boards.Smaller boards on the on the other hand perform better tricks

Trucks: connect the board to the wheels and are made of two parts, axle and baseplate and are made of aluminium. In the middle there is a soft part called bushing that influences the resistance in turning the skateboard

Wheels: are made of polyurethane and come in different sizes and hardness in a scale (durometer) from 75A to 101A Bearings: each wheel is mounted to the trucks thanks to a pair of bearings. Bearings are available in different ABEC scales from 1(slowest) to 9(fastest)  

Griptape: is a sheet of paper, on one side is adhesive and on the other side is similar to sand paper usually is black but ome also in colours   Hardware: this is usually a set of eight 10-32 UNF bolts, usually an Allen or Philips head  

At Wakestyle we have many different skateboard brands and different skateboards, trucks, wheels. You can shop online or at our skateshop in Bussum, just a few minutes from Amsterdam, Hilversum and Almere

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