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Surfskate Trucks

Surfskate trucks are specific trucks that simulate the surfboard behavior, and allow a dynamic push (aka "pump"), the movement performed by surfers to gain speed while surfing waves. The surfskate trucks design gives the rail carve a much better thrust, which produces a carve dynamic that is almost like what you will get in a surfboard. The front truck acts like a fulcrum and allows very sharp and tight turns.

Read more about what are surfskates and how they work on a dedicated article from our blog!

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Different kind of surfskate trucks are available on the market:

The Carver C7: a two axle truck that let you push the limit of your tuns and grants easy pump ability. The down side is that is less stable at high speeds, but it gives the maximum surf feeling.

Carver CXa reverse kingpin type of skate truck, also called “hybrid truck”, because it combines the turning ability of a surf truck with the stability of a longboard truck. CX  carver trucks will perform better for high speed riding and at the skate park, with a sharper turning radius than a regular longboard truck.

Mindless Surf Skate TruckMindless surftrucks offer the same technology as the Carver CX but at a reduced price.


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