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Story Bandit DOS Stunt Scooter

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Story Bandit DOS is a stunt scooter for children from 4 to 10 years. The scooter is intended for beginners who want to enter the world of stunts and have a stylish scooter at the same time. This stunt scooter can be used for stunts in the skate park and on the street where you live, but is also suitable for transport.

The DOS version (or "version 2") of the Story Bandit scooter has been completely redesigned and is currently much more focused on stunts, but the scooter is still light and has a modern look. Beginner the "MOST WANTED" scooter bandit in town!

With durable aluminum wheels and a handlebar reinforcement, even the most difficult stunts and landings are possible - even as the scooter rider develops from beginner to experienced.

This complete stunt scooter for children and young people is equipped with a sturdy deck! The deck of the Story Bandit DOS is made of strong aluminum and offers not only a recess for the fork that is visible through the head tube, but also two sliding rails on the underside of the deck for better sliding.

Are you the new bandit in town? You will become that naturally with this stylish scooter for tricks and stunts. Conquer the streets and show your own unique style! Give your style a boost with the raw, cool gangster look of the Bandit DOS scooter.




★ Street ★★★★★
★ Ramp ★★★★★
★ Slide ★★★★★
★ Vervoer ★★★★☆
★ Kwaliteit ★★★★★
CE-certified Ja
Total height 83 cm
4000 g
Max load 100 kg
Deck type One-Piece, 3D CNC
Deck material Aluminium 6061
Deck length 500 mm
Deck width 120 mm
Concave 3,5º
Compression type HIC
Front fork
Headset type Integrated
Clamp size Triple
Bar materiaal Verchroomd 4130
Bar height 580 mm
Bar breedte 535 mm
Grips width
160 mm
35 mm (Oversized)
Inner diameter 32 mm
Wheel diameter
110 mm
Wheel width
24 mm

Wheel durometer

88 A
Core mateiral
Aluminium 6061 T6
Wheel design
Wheel profile
ABEC-9, K1000 F1 Perfomance
Brake type Flex Fender
Axle leght -front 45 mm
Axle length - back 60 mm
partially mounted