Aztron - Mercury 2.0 10'0" All-Round SUP

Aztron - Mercury 2.0 10'0" All-Round SUP

Aztron - Mercury 2.0  10'0" All-Round SUP


The Aztron Mercury 2.0 SUP board is designed to be a versatile all-round SUP board, suitable for various activities such as speed paddling, touring, or simply relaxing on the water. It caters to both beginner and advanced paddlers, making it an excellent choice for those looking to explore the world of stand-up paddling. What sets the Aztron Mercury 2.0 apart is its versatility, as it offers the option to transform into a kayak. Utilizing the Aztron kayak backrest and the rings located at the front of the Aztron Mercury 2.0, you can easily convert your SUP board into a kayak, providing you with the flexibility to switch between paddle sports as you please.

The Aztron Mercury 2.0 SUP board comes complete with various accessories, including a carrying bag, ankle leash, fin, paddle, and pump. The carrying bag allows for convenient storage and transport, enabling you to take your board to your favorite water spot and inflate it with the pump for your paddling adventure. While paddleboarding, the ankle leash enhances safety by keeping the Aztron Mercury 2.0 within reach if you happen to fall, making it especially beneficial for novice paddlers. Additionally, the board features cargo cords on the front where you can secure items like your lunch or clothing, ideal for longer excursions and extended SUP journeys. The engraved deck of the Aztron Mercury provides ample grip while paddling, even when water splashes onto the board's surface. It's worth noting that the kayak backrest is not included as standard with the Aztron Mercury.

The drop-stitch core of the Aztron Mercury 2.0 allows for firm inflation, providing stability during paddling and nearly mimicking the characteristics of a hardboard. Moreover, the Aztron Mercury boasts two inflatable air chambers, enhancing stability and safety during your paddle sessions. If one chamber were to develop a leak, the other ensures you can safely make it back to shore. The Aztron Mercury 2.0's core is surrounded by multiple layers of PVC, ensuring the SUP board's exceptional durability.


Is the Aztron Mercury the right choice for me?

- The Mercury is versatile and suitable for various water conditions, including small waves.
- Ideal for both short trips and long-distance paddling.
- The Mercury has a weight capacity suitable for individuals up to 140 KG.
- Keep in mind that the Mercury requires relatively little storage space, both at home and in your vehicle.

Technical Specifications:
- Equipped with a double-chamber construction for added safety and stiffness.
- Crafted with a durable drop-stitch core material.
- Enhanced with the new Ultra Light X Stitch material 2.0 for a lighter design.
- Features 4 mm thick, diamond-grooved EVA padding for optimal grip and comfort.
- Includes high-quality towing D-rings and a safety leash.
- Comes with an integrated bungee system to secure your belongings firmly on the deck.
- The central nylon handle with rubber padding provides comfort and easy transport.
- Equipped with a 9-inch US center fin system.
- Supplied as a complete Ready-to-Go accessory package, including a 10' leash, a dual-action pump, an adjustable aluminum paddle, and a 105L SUP backpack.

What's included:
- A convenient backpack for storing the SUP.
- A dual-action pump with a flexible inflation hose.
- An instruction manual (in English).
- A single ankle leash.
- An adjustable three-piece aluminum paddle.
- A detachable fin.