Aztron Ocean Surf Skate 36"

Aztron Ocean Surf Skate 36"

Introducing the Aztron Ocean Surfskate:

**PRODUCT:** OCEAN Surfskate

- Length: 36"
- Width: 9.75"
- Height: 5.5"

- SX 4.0 TRUCK
- 70*51MM WHEELS

**ITEM NO.:** AK-602

The OCEAN 36" surfskate is a cool and sleek choice, designed to meet all your "urban surfing" cravings. Crafted from 100% Canadian Maple wood with a distinctive carbon inlay deck, it transforms into an exceptional cruising board, perfectly suited for long-distance and downhill rides. Take this surfskate with you for the ultimate off-season surfing adventure.


- **Surfboard Inspired Longboard Shape:** Inspired by surfboards, the OCEAN 36 features an elongated outline with a flat deck, making it ideal for larger riders and long-distance cruising. The extended wheelbase allows riders to position their feet in a way that mimics their stance on a surfboard.

- **100% Canadian Maple Deck:** The OCEAN is constructed with a sturdy 7-ply 100% Canadian Maple deck, sourced from the finest veneers in Eastern Canada. Canadian Maple is renowned for its strength and is a staple material in the world's best skateboards.

- **Carbon Inlay Run-Down:** The advanced 3K Carbon Inlay at the center of the deck provides a super-strong yet lightweight board with a stunning finish.

- **Tail Kick Pad:** Similar to a surfboard, the OCEAN features a diamond-grooved tail pad that secures your toes and heels during turns or stops. The tail kick insert enhances control and drive.

- **Mellow Concave Deck:** The Mellow Concave deck is relatively flat, promoting easy footwork and a comfortable ride, especially during leisurely cruises.

- **Color Insert Deck:** All Aztron skateboards are customized with a sandwich color insert ply, adding unique characteristics and maximizing visual appeal.

- **SX 4.0 PU Truck with 70MM/78A Wheels:** The SX 4.0 surfing PU trucks enable effortless pumping and provide a tighter, more responsive feel. The 70MM/78A polyurethane wheels offer strong ground traction and a comfortable riding experience. The soft 78A formula smooths out rough roads and excels in downhill riding.

Elevate your surfskating experience with the Aztron Ocean Surfskate.