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 A Surfskate, is a skateboard with specific trucks that allow a dynamic push (aka "pump") that simulates the movement performed by surfers to gain speed while surfing waves. The front truck acts like a fulcrum and allows very sharp and tight turns.

If you want to know why this kind of boards are appreciated by both surfers and beginners, and read some tips about how to choose your surfskate gear click on the link or scroll to the bottom of the page!


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For Training

Surfskates are particularly appreciated by surfers: if you think about it, on an average surfing session, you actually spend few seconds riding waves; most of the time you are paddling and waiting and paddling for the right wave.
This kind of skateboards finally give you the chance to improve your surf manouvers (and muscle memory) practicing on the dryland.

On a surf-skate you can work on your stance, learn how to “pump” to generate speed (one of the most difficult surfing skills to acquire), and train moves like: rail-to-rail, bottom & top turns, cut backs and re-entry, both backside and frontside.

For Cruising

Even if youre not a surfer or interestd in learning surf moves, Skatesurfs are also a super fun mean of transport for cruising around your city in stylish and eco-friendly way.


Surfskate Trucks

There are different types of type of skatesurf truck on the market:

The Carver C7: a two axle truck that let you pushthe limit of your tuns and grants easy pump abili. The down side is that is less stable at high speeds, but it gives the maximum surf feeling.
Carver C7 surf trucks

    • Carver CXa reverse kingpin type pf skate truck, also called “hybrid truck”, because it combines the turning ability of a surf truck with the stability of a longboard truck.
      CX  carver trucks will perform better for high speed riding and at the skate park, with a sharper turning radius than a regular longboard truck.
    Carver CX surfskate trucks


    Mindless Surf Skate trucks

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