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How to choose your Wingsurf board?


If you are looking to buy a wing foil board, then the volume is a crucial characteristic to keep in consideration.

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Ok, for surfers, volume basically means how wide, long and thick your board is. In surf and foil boards, volume it is measured in liters (lt). The higher de volume, the more your board will float on the water.

Generally speaking, with more volume you will be able to get on your wingsurf board easier, while on a lower volume board you will need stronger wind and a better technique to get going.

Let's see the pros and cons in  detail:


High Volume Wingsurf Board


  • Easy waterstart
  • Easier for learning basic maneuvers, like jibes and tacks
  • Awesome for light wind conditions


  • Heavier
  • Due to its bigger surface, it will be more disturbed by strong winds
  • Not ideal for jumping


Low volume Wingsurf board


  • Smoother handling
  • Great for jumping
  • Easy to carry around


  • Less stable and more difficult to ride
  • You need a solid jibe and tack tecnique
  • Difficult or sometimes impossible to start on light wind days
  • Not suitable for heavier riders


So How to choose a Wing Foil Board ?

A rule of thumb that we suggest for choosing the minimum amount of liters needed. Take your weight and add 40 liters.

Example: if you are 80kg add 40 liters, this means you should have a 120lt board or bigger.

Beginners and heavy riders:

Add 40 liters to your bodyweight.

Intermediates, kids and lighter riders:

Add max 10/25 liters to your bodyweight (an 80kg rider will be cortable on a 90-110 liters board).

Advanced and Pro riders:

Once you master your wingsurfing technique, you can also choose to ride low volume boards. This kind of wingsurf boards require a good technique, and usually perform better on steady winds rather than in rough conditions. A fanatic wingsurfer will usually have a bigger board for lighter days, and a smaller board for strong wing days.

With the progression of the sport (which is still very new), new shapes of boards are being relized, with specific lines designs dedicated to every wingsurfing discipline: wave surf, freeride & freestyle.


Inflatable or Hard Wingsurf Boards?

Inflatable boards have more volume per surface if compared to a hard board of the same size. Being floaty, stable and soft, inflatables are the boards of choice of beginner foilers of course. They also offer the advantage of being easy to carry around, and therefore are ideal to take with you on a trip.

The latest inflatable boards feel better than the previous generation, but are still far from the performance and the ride & feel that a hard board can give.

The overall stiffness of a composite hard wing foil board will put you in control of the hydrofoil fin for real, and allow for a correct flow of energy from the board to the foil.

No wonders why advanced riders have one or more hardboards in their wingsurf quiver!



The latest wing foil board generation offers a lot of stability per volume if compared to just two years before. The newest wingsurf boards are more compact, and have a wide section right under the nose that provides more lateral stability and reduces nose dives. The kick tail is shaped for better take-offs and more efective pumping, while the double concave under the deck helps to accelerate faster on the water surface, and  to get the nose back up after a touchdown.

Wingsurfing is still a very young sport (born in 2019), therefore we're still experiencing a vertical progression in foil gear development.

When you buy your board and wing, make sure to purchase the lastest item and, due to the variety of boards on the market, try to test your Wing Foil Board before buying!


For more tips, read also our article about "How to choose the right wing foil equipment"



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