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2022 North Nova Foil Wing


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Foil wing with grab handles by North

This new North Nova Wing is one heck of a breeze. With improved handling abilities due to its short wingspan and few curves - it flies straight off the ground at an instant with ease. 
You can feel how light the new Nova Wing is as soon as you pick it up. You'll be generating more forward drive and upwind performance than anything you've ever ridden. When it comes to balancing power and efficiency, the North Nova design is ahead of its time with a super-stiff frame that allows instant take-offs and a massive wind range. Intuitive transitions. Ergonomic handling. 


Features of the North Nova Wing Foil:

  • Durable STPU scuff protection
  • The harness line attachment point 
  • Tow-friendly
  • Griplock Handles and Intuitive Y-Handles
  • Wrist wing leash

New Compact outline

This improves the upwind ability and overall balance of the wing, eliminating any tendency to nosedive, and reducing tip-strike.  In the 6m/7m lightwind-optimised sizes, the revised outline is flatter through the centre with more curvature out toward the tips.

Ready to take your performance to a whole new level?

If you are an ambitious wingsurfer looking for a wing that accommodates you in all wind and water conditions, the north nova will help you improve your level and push your limits. The grab handles make the wing super direct and fast and easy to handle.

Improve your level and push your limits with a north nova wing!