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Armstrong Performance Mast 935

 Carbon mast for allround wing, kite & surf foil action

Armstrong performance mast 935 specifications:

  • Length: 935mm
  • Weight: 2075g
  • Includes protective Bag and titanium M7 mast top hardware 26mm


The Development

Armstrong wanted to create a new, cutting-edge mast that would maximize performance for riders who push themselves and their equipment to the limits. Based on feedback received,  Armstrong foils designed this mast to minimize drag and ventilation while also being ultra stiff and highly responsive. 

Armstrong worked with a team of America's Cup foil engineers to design a high-performance carbon mast that would be ready for the future. The goal was to create a mast that was strong, stiff, lightweight, and had minimal drag. Using CFD analysis and collective expertise, Armstrong was able to optimize each section of the mast from the baseplate to the fuselage connection for maximum efficiency.

" To ensure optimal strength and designed flex, we tested over 100 prototypes made from the latest premium composites, using various fiber orientations. In line with our philosophy of combining strength and light weight, we also redesigned the mast top geometry to reduce the weight as much as possible"-Armie Armstrong

Armstrong Performance Mast structure

According to structural analysis, a combination of high modulus (HM) and intermediate modulus (IM) carbon fibers is the best way to distribute loads throughout the various sections of the mast. HM fibers provide stiffness to minimize flex in the central strut area, while IM fibers offer high tensile strength for the complex shapes of the top plate and fuselage connection.

The result of this process is a top-of-the-line mast made from top-quality materials, featuring a new mast section, refined baseplate, fuselage connection with reduced drag, and a new construction method. The mast is also equipped with proprietary titanium M7 hardware at the top, which provides a strong, lightweight, and low-drag connection to the board.

The mast rake angle

This Armstrong performance mast 935 is designed with a mast rake angle that fine-tunes the angle of the board relative to the foil for a more comfortable and forgiving ride. It does not affect the lifting force or balance of the foil itself, nor does it impact the "foot pressure" bias towards the front or back of the foil. The rocker of the board also directly impacts the effective mast rake angle – different brands of boards have varying rocker lines that can influence the rake angle, and a greater amount of rocker in the rear half of the board effectively increases the mast rake. The 1 degree of rake incorporated into the top of the Performance Mast shape serves three main purposes by adjusting the angle of the board relative to the foil underwater:
  • The rake angle helps to bring the foil closer to 0 degrees when the board is in the water, reducing drag and making takeoffs easier.
  • The rake angle makes it more forgiving when touching down at high speeds or landing jumps, reducing the risk of crashing headfirst over the board.
  • By lifting the nose of the board slightly (1 degree corresponds to a lift of 17.46mm/m), the mast rake angle makes it easier to ride at high speeds without the risk of catching the nose at steep riding angles.


The Wake-style.com opinion

If you want to ride the most advanced foil mast, the Armstrong Performance mast is the answer. Armstrong was able blend high modulus carbon fibers with intermediate modulus carbon fibers creating a mast that is not only stiff but also responsive. The other main feature is the reduction of air ventilation, this means that doesn't matter how hard and angled you carves are, this mast won't suck air down to the foil keeping you always in control. 

The Armstrong performance mast 935 is available at wake-style.com, we recommend you to reserve your performance mast due to high demand. Contact us for more informations