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Armstrong Wing Sup Foil Board


Wing and Sup Specific Foil Board

The Armstrong foil boards focus on Forward Geometry, this technology focuses on positioning the mast track near the center of the board for improved maneuverability, response, and reduced rotational swing weight effect. Using advanced 320mm Carbon fiber A+System Mast Tracks maximizes the potential for optimal board and foils geometry.

Shorter boards provide exceptional maneuverability, feel, and control while flying, but getting to that point can be challenging. The new Forward Geometry shapes from Armstrong address this issue by incorporating a stable and fast hull design that allows for easy take-off. This innovative approach now makes it possible for everyone to experience the benefits of riding shorter boards.

The Armstrong Wing // Sup Foil Board Features

  • Armstrong Forward Geometry:The A+System Mast Tracks are positioned forward on the board to reduce rotational swing weight which radically improves handling and response.
  • Custom Carbon fiber Armstrong A+System Mast: Tracks are used for their high strength and durability, as plastic tracks are not sufficient. These 320mm tracks are specially designed for maximum performance.

  • Recessed deck… for max foil contact and control
  • Through deck carry handle/water evacuation… Easy to carry top or bottom, the through board handle is also the water evacuation for the recessed deck.
  • Extended waterline profile view: All Armstrong foil boards use a waterline that helps accelerating the board on the water
  • Chisel-nose outline: Offers stability on the water and helps push the water under the board rather than splitting it around the board.
  • Aggressive nose rocker + double concave + flat section: This is all about bringing the nose up quickly to accelerate the water down the double concave to flat bottom at the tail.
  • Innovative tail shape: For better acceleration, less drag at the rear waterline release area, it looks faster because it is!
  • Accentuated chines:As the board gains speed and the foil lifts, the area of contact decreases, resulting in a smooth transition from being on the water to foiling and also smooth touchdowns as the board doesn't grip the water's surface as it touches down.

  • Stable Volume distribution: The recessed deck, wide Chisel nose, and relatively rectangular outline allow us to distribute volume to the extremities, resulting in a stable platform when on the water.

  • Light and strong: Armstrong selected the best materials to ensure that the foil boards are both lightweight and strong. The board feature a foam core with multiple PVC reinforcements, dual carbon stringers, and are covered with carbon fiber and Dyneema cloth.

Armstrong Wing SUP Sizes:

  • 4’8” x 22 1/2” x 3 3/4” (50L)
  • 4'11” x 23 1/2” x 4 1/4” (60L)
  • 5’2” x 26” x 4 1/2” (75L)
  • 5’5” x 27” x 4 3/4” (88L)
  • 5’8” x 28” x 4 7/8” (99L)
  • 5'11” x 29 1/4” x 5” (115L)
  • 6’4” x 31 1/4” x 5 1/4” (132L)

Armstrong Wing SUP Weights:

  • 4’8”(9.2lbs - 4.2kg)
  • 4’11”(10.3lbs - 4.7kg)
  • 5’2.5”(12.1lbs - 5.5kg)
  • 5’5”(13lbs - 5.9kg)
  • 5’8”(14.3lbs - 6.5kg)
  • 5’11”(15.4lbs - 7kg)
  • 6’4”(17.2lbs - 7.8kg)

Weights listed are average weights. Actual weights may vary by + or - 250g


*(The Armstrong Wing Sup board comes with boardbag and carbon kickpad)

The Armstrong Wing Sup Foil Boards are available at wake-style.com. Contact us for more info and advice. We ship to whole Europe

Note: due to high freight rates these boards will be not shipped outside of the European Union