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Fanatic Sky Air Premium - Inflatable foil board


A performing Inflatable wingsurf foil board by Fanatic

The Fanatic Sky Air Premium is an inflatable foil board that offers many advantages over hard boards in terms of travel friendliness. It is available in comes in 4 sizes from 5'4" to 5'10".

The Sky Air offer unmatched performancs for an inflatable board, it is reliable and fun, racting immediately to the riders impulse. Fanatic managed to achieved an incredible stiffness, thanks to the extra rigid Carbon plate placed directly under the riders feet;  this technology makes this board suitable to mount a hydrofoil kit.


The shape of the Fanatic Sky Air Premium features a pronounced nose rocker that helps on touchdowns. The board is built with a Premium Double Layer construction, so that it really comes close to the real thing in terms of stiffness, offering a super light weight and lots of volume per size. All this features won't make you miss your hard board.

Fanatic has wingsurfers in mind, and added some handy features, such as the necessary bottom handle to carry the board and wing into the water at the same time, footstrap inserts, and a silicon rail edge for a clean release and early take off. The board comes with a wheeled backpack which has enough room to fit also your hydrofoil parts, to better store your equipment or to take it on a trip with you.

If you don't want to take a car, or if you already have a composite wingsurf board but want to travel compact without sacrificing performance, the Fanatic Sky Air Premium inflatable foil board is what you were waiting for!



  • 5'0"
  • 5'4"
  • 5'8"
  • 5'10"
  • 6'10"



  • Inflatable board
  • Premium Double Layer construction
  • Rigid carbon plate for extra stiffness and to mount a hydrofoil
  • Packs small & easy to carry around
  • Pumps up like a SUP
  • Lot of volume (liters) per size
  • Foot  straps inserts
  • Bottom handle
  • Wheeled backpack


Fanatic Sky Air Premium Inflatable foil board, the official video:


Wakestyle Team Opinion

You all know that at Wake-style.com we are passionate wingsurfers. When suggest a foil board we strive for selecting maximum performance equipment; but we are also aware that wing foil equimpment can feel bulky and difficult to carry around, particularly on a trip.

The Fanatic Sky Air Premium can represent a revolution. Fanatic finally realeased on the market an inflatable foil board for wingsurfing that is not just suitable for beginners, but that can make advanced wingsurfers happy as well. The Sky Air is solid, reliable and and perforforming, so that you won't regret to take in on a trip with you, rather than your heavier composite board!