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Sabfoil Medusa PRO 909 - Balz Müller Limited | T8 Hydrofoil Front Wing

Sabfoil Medusa PRO 909

It is a Medusa PRO... but most importantly, it is Balz Müller's signature model for Sabfoil.




  • DisciplinesWind - Wing - Surf
  • Recommended forWave - Freestyle - Freeride - Freestyle Pro - Fast Freeride
  • Wing-Fuselage ConnectionT8
  • RangeMedusa
  • Take Off Speed10 - 12 kn
  • Top End Speed (average 80kg user)25 - 27 kn

Designed specifically for superior acceleration and high top speeds, the Sabfoil Medusa Pro 909 front wing features incredible pop, and thanks to the super strong T8 connection, it is the ideal choice for Power Freestyle sessions and the execution of advanced aerial maneuvers.

In this Balz Pro version, the surface area has been increased to allow takeoff at lower speeds, and the dihedral angle was diminished to improve maneuverability and rebound performance after landing for easier consecutive aerial maneuvers. The fact that the dihedral angle has not been brought to zero and the presence of the twist at the tips still ensure an excellent degree of stability during acceleration, fast freeriding, and while surfing.

Balz's words:

"I love my new Sabfoil Medusa 909 for its ease of riding and fun in a variety of conditions. I am thrilled to hear and see that my demanding wish list in the development process has been met, and I can trust my new ProModel for its reliable performance and solid durability. My new Promodel feels like an extension of my legs, which is critical to constantly progressing and expanding my comfort zone."



Dimensions & Advanced Specs

Specification Value
Front Wing - Span 909 mm
Front Wing - Surface 1000 cm2
Front Wing - Root Chord 161 mm
Front Wing - Aspect Ratio 8.26
Front Wing - Maximum Thickness 17 mm


**The Balz PRO Model: What Sets It Apart?**

This model encapsulates the essence of the Medusa PRO but is finely tailored according to Balz Müller's insights, catering to his distinctive style and preferences. The most striking feature is its unique graphics, departing from our usual technical aesthetic to embody something bolder and more representative of Balz's dynamic personality. This version showcases a striking Medusa graphic on its underside, making a statement with every aerial move.

Technically speaking, we've enhanced the surface area and optimized the dihedral angle for improved lift-off and agility, especially useful for executing a series of advanced tricks seamlessly.

**Balz Müller on His PRO Model**

After extensive testing and feedback, Balz shared his thoughts, expressing immense satisfaction with the model. He highlighted its ease of use and versatility across different conditions, praising the model's ability to act as an extension of himself, crucial for pushing boundaries and advancing in his sport.

**Technical Details Unveiled**

While the soul of the Medusa PRO remains, specific modifications have been made. These include an increased surface area and a modified dihedral angle for enhanced maneuverability and smoother landings, enabling better performance for a wide range of tricks.

**Exclusive Recommendations by Balz**

Following Balz's recommendations, we suggest two specific setups featuring the M83K mast and the Flat 370 stabilizer for their exceptional versatility and maneuverability. The choice of fuselage varies depending on the desired agility and minimal drag, with options tailored for both wing and wind sets.

**Why Opt for the 909 Medusa PRO?**

Owning the 909 Medusa PRO is not just about embracing a high-performance wing; it's also a way to connect with and support Balz Müller, an icon in the sport. This wing is designed to enhance your experience in all conditions, broadening your comfort zone and encouraging you to explore new limits.


We're proud of the innovation and performance encapsulated in the Medusa PRO 909, co-created with Balz Müller. It represents a fusion of high-end design and personal flair, designed to inspire and elevate your hydrofoiling experience. Stay tuned for more updates, and don't miss out on the surprises we have in store!