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North Horizon Dw Board


Downwind specific foil board


Gazing at the horizon, we're inspired by the boundless possibilities it represents, fueling our passion for growth and the courage to face new challenges. It beckons the explorer in us, leading to an innovative evolution of surfing through downwinding, where the vast ocean becomes an exhilarating playground.

Introducing the Horizon, crafted to harness board speed with remarkable efficiency. Its design principle is simple: the faster you glide across the water, the sooner you experience the thrill of lifting onto the foil. Featuring a displacement hull, the Horizon smoothly cuts through water, allowing the nose to slice without harsh impacts, facilitating a harmonious pump rhythm with the foil's movements.

Tailored for the adventurous spirit, the Horizon is a sleek, elongated board engineered for a variety of downwinding activities. Whether you're paddling, prone surfing, wingfoiling, or engaging in SUP foil-surfing in lighter winds, this board is your ally in mastering the elements.

**Key Features:**

  • - **Dynamic Displacement Hull:** Designed for efficient transition from pumping to foiling.
  • - **Lightweight, Robust Construction:** Crafted from full-carbon for durability without the weight.
  • - **Optimized Tail Design:** Narrows at the tail for improved tracking and efficiency during both takeoff and touchdown.
  • - **Engineered Rails:** Offers forgiveness at the front and sharper edges behind the foil for quick release.
  • - **Concaved Deck:** Slightly indented under the standing area to enhance stability.
  • - **Ergonomic EVA Deck Pad:** Features raised edges and an extended tail pad for superior comfort and control during wingfoiling.
  • - **Versatile Foil Mounting:** The DropBox system allows for swift and adjustable foil positioning.

Whether you're navigating downwind with a paddle, embracing the challenge of light wind wingfoiling, or diving into SUP foil surfing, the Horizon invites you to push beyond your limits and explore the boundless potential of the open waters.