Sunova Aviator Downwind Elite Casey

Sunova Aviator Downwind Elite Casey


Sunova Aviator Downwind Elite Casey

The Sunova Aviator Downwind Elite is crafted specifically for dedicated downwind foilers invested in mastering the skill of downwind foiling. Wondering what makes it elite? Essentially, it implies that if your experience in SUP paddling is limited, initiating with this board may require you to begin on flatter or serene waters to get your balance right.

This board can indeed be your premiere choice if you are aiming for flat water foiling. However, a thorough self-assessment is essential before you venture directly into significant downwind bumps. For those who are not adept at maneuvering smaller SUPs, or are larger individuals with balance challenges, we recommend considering the Sunova Aviator Downwind Pro or the original Aviator SUP. These alternatives are crafted to be more accommodating and balance-forgiving for your downwind foil expedition. It’s essential to consider that while additional width augments stability, it could potentially impact your ability to paddle up on foil due to increased drag.

Designed with a harmonious blend of length, volume, and width, this board aims to offer you the ideal compromise for your downwind pursuits.

If you’re uncertain about the optimal size, we advise initiating your journey with the longer boards in the range. The additional length and volume furnish a considerably more manageable platform to begin with. As you become proficient with larger sizes, transitioning to shorter lengths can enhance your on-foil experience.

(Note: All displayed prices are for TR3 tec. The boards are also available in XXX tec. For pricing details on XXX tec, please reach out to your local dealer.)



**General Goal | Theme of the Board:**
The Aviator Downwind Elite is crafted for SUP foiling downwind, adaptable to a spectrum of conditions. Whether you're starting on flatwater or riding downwind bumps, this board simplifies the process, given your balance aligns with its elite requirements.

**Optimal Conditions:**
It’s versatile – thriving in any condition from downwind to flatwater.

**Ideal Skill Level:**
Tailored for the elite; possessing good balance is imperative. It’s generally recommended as your second or third downwind SUP foilboard, rather than your first. However, if you relish challenges and don’t mind a steep learning curve, this board might be your match.

**Design Inspiration:**
When designing, the vision was to facilitate the easiest possible paddle-up for elite riders. Envision starting on a flat terrain, encountering big open ocean bumps, and concluding with a challenging upwind finish, akin to the Molokai 2 Oahu experience...

**Potential Compromises:**
Stability is the trade-off; this isn’t a board for beginners. It’s best suited for those who have achieved an elite level in SUP foiling.



6'0" 15 1/4" 20" 15 3/8" 5 1/4" 80.1 5.66
6'3" 15 13/16" 21" 15 7/8" 5 3/8" 90.1 5.73
6'6" 16 1/16" 21 3/4" 16 3/16" 5 9/16" 99.9 6.22
6'9" 16 3/8" 22 1/2" 16 1/2" 5 3/4" 111.4 6.73
7'0" 16 1/2" 23" 16 5/8" 5 7/8" 120.6 7.05
7'3" 16 1/4" 23" 16 3/8" 6" 128.1 7.34
7'6" 16" 23" 16 1/8" 6 1/4" 137.2 7.72
8'0" 15 9/16" 23" 15 11/16"